The Model :: Do You Believe in Angels

Philly Playloop
Reviewed by Amorn Bholsangngam
4.5 Stars

The slick, stylish pop of Philadelphia electronic trio The Model is just as aesthetically pleasing as any of the long-legged, platinum-haired human mannequins that wander freely outside our Beverly Hills office though not nearly vacant as you’d presume those vixens would be. J Buz, Johnny, and Markie craft life-sized hooks over gently strobing instrumentals that will stick in your head longer than the hottest image in your favorite maternity wear catalog. Their debut record Physical possesses a very fitting title; this is music that is hard not to react physically to, inciting impromptu dance parties, orgies, and head-bobbing sessions across the land. “Do You Believe in Angels” is just a slice of this promising band’s infectious blend of anthemic melodies, dancefloor-ready beats, lovesick vocals, and shimmering synthwork.