The Model - Physical

Philadelphia, PA –
When you check out The Model’s track “What Does It Look Like I’m Doing?” you’ll wonder “just where in the hell did this awesome band come from and why haven’t I heard of them sooner?!” It’s not an overstatement or overconfidence to say this band’s debut CD Physical could be the electronic rock record of the year. There are at least FIVE bonafide-hit singles on this CD, and of course, the band has the nerve to call itself The Model in the first place. It all makes sense and sounds fabulous at home, in the car or on a strobe lit runway.

“What Does It Look Like I’m Doing?” and “Wrong Number” features all the glitz and glitter great synthpop is all about. A sparkling synth line matches up with a pulsating beat and flowing lyrics that’s just magic for the ears. “I Won’t Be Hanging Out Anymore” brings some Philly philth into the mix for a dirtier electro sound. “Do You Believe In Angels” is reminiscent of Fischerspooner sans the robots and cheeky shtick, while “N/A” needs no explanation – it’s all about the power of Markie as a frontman. “Immigrant” sounds like it could have easily come from Trent Reznor’s Pretty Hate Machine or Broken. These are only half the tracks on Physcial – ’nuff said.

The Model was started by frontman/lyricist Markie and keyboardists Ziggy, Jason and Johnny as a semi-annual philosophic-pop-costume-party in Philadelphia, and today, it’s pretty much retained some of the pop and dance-ness and ridiculous-ness. The Model inspired by geometry and Russian literature, by Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, in old black and white photos. It’s as much man as it is machine.

The Model’s debut CD Physical is released November 18, 2009 on Playloop Records