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The Model “Do You Believe In Angels?” Reviewed by Amorn Bholsangngam 4.5 out of 5 Stars

The slick, stylish pop of Philadelphia electronic trio The Model is just as aesthetically pleasing as any of the long-legged, platinum-haired human mannequins that wander freely outside our Beverly Hills office though not nearly vacant as you’d presume those vixens would be. J Buz, Johnny, and Markie craft life-sized hooks over gently strobing instrumentals that will stick in your head longer than the hottest image in your favorite maternity wear catalog. Their debut record “Physical” on Playloop possesses a very fitting title; this is music that is hard not to react physically to, inciting impromptu dance parties, orgies, and head-bobbing sessions across the land. “Do You Believe in Angels” is just a slice of this promising band’s infectious blend of anthemic melodies, dancefloor-ready beats, lovesick vocals, and shimmering synthwork.

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Late to the party, but what an entrance
As the opening synths of “What Does It Look Like I’m Doing” drop into arpeggiated spirals and emotionally wrenched vocals, it’s clear this Philly outfit knows its way around the resurgent synth-pop blueprint. Filled with layers of over-the-top catchy synth hooks to match the overwrought vocals occasionally indulging in falsettos, The Model’s debut disc sounds like a lost ’80s treasure. But it’s not a one-note revival; “Immigrant” takes on the slinky grind of early Nine Inch Nails, and “Cowboys” looks to early techno.

The Model are from Philadelphia and they make electronic pop music. As it happens, they’re very good at it. Here at Popjustice we’re no fans of hyperbole but the press release in front of us today says “it’s not an overstatement or overconfidence to say this band’s debut CD Physical could be the electronic rock record of the year”. They might have got slightly ahead of themselves, but listening through the album we think it’s definitely in the Top 8.


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