The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) is excited to announce the Second Annual PEX Summer Festival July 1st- 5th in Darlington, Maryland, (1 hour from Philly and Baltimore, 90 minutes from DC, and 3 hours from NYC).

The festival will be hosted on 200 private acres overlooking the Susquehanna River with over 150 performers, bands, DJs, speakers and workshops.

Amenities include Multiple Stages, Swimming Pool, Ropes Course, Fire & Drum Circles, Hiking trails, Canoes, Lake, Catered Meals, Cabins, Tent & Car Camping, Sport Courts, and Saturday Night BBQ & Effigy Burn.

PEX Summer Festival is a participatory experience. Art is desired in every dimension! Bring your ideas, innovations, unique visions and creativity and help us to explore the depths of who we really are! We are inviting artists, performers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, builders, and creative people of all types! June 1st is the Deadline for guide submissions.

The official “That’s What’s up!” Guide is now available for download. Peruse the scheduled July 4th weekend lineup of over 75 DJs, 15 Bands, 60 Workshops, dozens of Live Performances, Participatory Art Installations, Theme Camps and Infinite Possibilities on 200 Acres in Darlington Maryland.
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PEX Summer Festival is pleased to announce that we awarded Generous Art grants to applicants who met the 4/30 deadline. Art grants are intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art at the PEX Summer Festival.


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This is a 21+ event only
Children 8 and under are free

Tickets $100-$150
Meal Plan $60
BUS RT from NYC $40 See website
BUS RT from Philly $32 See website

1st Tier: $100 SOLD OUT Went on sale March 1
2nd Tier: $110 SOLD OUT
3rd Tier: $120 SOLD OUT
4th Tier: $130 SOLD OUT
5th Tier: $140 SOLD OUT
6th Tier: $150 June 15th-Sales Close

* We expect the event to sell out and there will be NO gate sales!

Pictures from last year are up here:

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INITIAL LINE UP (subject to change)

Here is our Line up as of 4/30/2010 We will update once a week (check site for most current info)

Live Performers

Arche-Dream for Humankind ( Black Light Mask Theatre )
Dan Keller ( Live Music )
David London ( Magician )
David Smith ( One Man Side Show)
Intermix ( Dance Troupe )
Joshua Tennant (Classical Guitar)
Gameltron ( Robotic Gamelon Orchestra )
Nina Charity ( Aerial Arts )
Kevlar ( Video & Lasers )
LenkaDu ( Live Music/Visuals )
Moldover (Washington, DC)
Peter Parker ( Visual Arts & Installation )
Philadelphia Fire Arts ( Fire Performance )
Plum Dragoness ( Live Music/Spoken Word )
Sauce ( Live Music )
Scorch ( Cirque/Fire Performance )
Solomonic Sound (Phila, Pa)
Travis Detwieler (Live Music)
The Great Quentini ( Live Music/Art Installation )
Zen One ( Capoeira )


Billi Shakes
Dr. Fish
Dynasty Electric
Fort Knox Five
Gina Ferrera & Polysonic
Guilty Gunns
Leana Song
Meeting in The Aisle
Radioactive Sandwich
Xande Cruz & The Batukis Band


“Balloon Chain” by: Balloon Guy, (Rivers Edge, NJ)
“Blazebo”, By: Scot-o-Matic (Atlanta, Ga.)
“Colo Sol Duo” By: Shawnman (College Park, Md.)
“The PEX Effigy” by: Monk E & Hedy (Phila, Pa)
“Fishbowl” by: Joel Erland & Kate Kaman (Phila, Pa)
“Flaming Floating Lotus” by Reno Roxx (Phila, Pa)
“GasLamps” by: Lee Mayjahs? (Phila, Pa)
“Honey Trap” by: Animus (New York, NY)
“Magic Tree” by Jeramie Bellmay & David London (Wash DC)
“Malvoye The Mentalist” by: Jeremy Burmeister (Phila, Pa)
“Octamasher” by: Moldover (Wash DC)
“Shiva Sculpture” by Scorch (Phila, Pa)
“Space Pirate Fishing Boat” by Captain Shaggy2K (Phila, Pa)
“Spectral Oracle” by: Mathew Woolfrey (Phila, Pa)
“Temple of Truth” By J. Upchurch, C. Neiderer, D Hart (NY, NY)
“The Temple” by Leahtrix (Phila, Pa)
“Zark’s Head” by Quesntin Davis (Belmont Hills, Pa.)


Arrow Chrome ( New York, NY )
Baraness Von so Def (Philly/Chicago)
BassKitty ( Philly, PA. )
Baz (Boston, Ma)
Beatdown ( Baltimore, Md. )
Bella ( Las Vegas, NV. )
Big Jawn ( Philly, PA. )
Braden (Los Angeles)
Bumby Nuggets ( New York, NY )
Conway Jennings ( Richmond, Va )
Dave Hughes ( Dublin, Ireland )
Davidson Ospina ( New York, NY )
Dayhota ( Chicago, IL )
Dozia (Phila, Pa)
Deep C ( Philly, PA. )
Del ( Philly, PA. )
Discount ( Philly, PA. )
Eduardo Castillo (Los Angeles)
Everyday ( Philly, PA. )
Freedom ( Philly, PA. )
Friar Tuck ( New York, NY )
Frosty (Phila, Pa)
Fucci (New York, NY)
Hootie Bumbleclot ( Baltimore, MD. )
Hugo Zapata ( Baltimore, MD )
Jay Coop ( Charlotte, NC )
Jay Yo (Philly, PA.)
Jeff Heart ( Philly, PA. )
John Reinhold ( Richmond, Va )
Joey Sweeney (Phila, Pa)
Jordan Romney ( Philly, PA. )
Juan Zapata ( Washington, DC )
Justin Paul ( Philly / Los Angeles, CA )
KarmaKanik ( Philly, PA. )
Kilowatts ( Philly, PA. )
Kris Murphy (Washington, DC)
Kristina Supergenius (New York)
Lee Mayjahs? ( Philly, PA. )
Lion Dub (New York, NY)
LinaLuv ( Philly, PA. )
Lush Bunny ( Los Angeles, Ca. )
Manny EM ( Atlanta, GA. )
Matt Hart ( Harrisburg, PA )
Mia Ink ( Philly, PA. )
MLE ( Denver, CO )
Neil Kurlander ( Baltimore, MD )
Nigel Richards ( Philly, PA. )
O’Keef ( Philly, PA. )
Pat Bedeau ( London, UK )
POD Kaali (Los Angeles)
Kris Murphy (Washington, DC.)
Ras Heights (Phila, Pa)
Rascul International (Phila, Pa.)
Reda Briki (New York, NY)
Rich Medina ( Philly, PA. )
Rob Paine ( Philly, PA. )
Robotique ( Philly, PA. )
Ross D ( Philly, PA. )
Sabo ( New York, NY )
Scott-O-Matic ( Atlanta, GA. )
Sean Thomas ( Philly, PA. )
Selector Science ( Mendocino, CA. )
Seqouia ( Washington, DC )
Small Change ( New York, NY )
Terryl Kirton ( Philly, PA. )
Thick ( Charlotte, NC )
Vishal Kanwar ( Washington, DC )
Whowe ( Philly, PA. )
Willyum ( Philly, PA. )
WiseAcre (Los Angeles)
Zemi 17 ( New York, NY )

With Classes/workshops on

African Balafon & Song
Aerial Silks
Creative Arts
Fire Arts
Hair Art
Organic Gardening & Composting
Mayan Cosmology
Modern Dance
Thai Massage

With Theme Camps