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The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) is excited to announce the 4th Annual PEX Summer Festival June 29th-July 2nd in Darlington, Maryland, (1 hour from Philly and Baltimore, 90 minutes from DC, and 2.5 hours from NYC)

The festival will be hosted on 200 private acres overlooking the Susquehanna River with Tons of Dj’s, Bands, and Performers + Art Installations, Effigy Burn, Workshops, Speakers, Camping, Lake, Pool Parties, Hiking Trails & Fire Arts

Amenities include Multiple Stages, Swimming Pool, Ropes Course, Fire & Drum Circles, Cafeteria, Food Trucks, Cabins, Tent & Car/RV Camping, Sport Courts, and Saturday Effigy Burn.

Tickets on Sale Now!
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PEX Summer Festival is a participatory experience. Art is desired in every dimension! Bring your ideas, innovations, unique visions and creativity
June 1st is the Deadline for general guide submissions for:
Artwork - http://www.pexsummerfestival.com/Art
Events - http://www.pexsummerfestival.com/host-an-event
Theme Camps & Environments - http://www.pexsummerfestival.com/theme-campsenviroments

PEX Summer Festival is pleased to announce the availability of art grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art at the PEX Summer Festival.

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New 1pm Manhattan Bus Announced!


Return of the Gamelatron!!!


Barney Iller, New York, NY
Beatmiser & Wicked Kozy New York, NY
Big Jawn, Philly, Pa
Billy Werner ,Philly, Pa
Blake La Bounty, Los Angeles, Ca.
Coyoti, Philly, Pa
Davidson Ospina, New York, NY
Deep C, Philly, Pa
Del, Philly, Pa
Dirty, Philly, Pa
Discount, Philly, Pa
Down Jones, Philly, Pa
Dustin Smith, Washington, DC
Electrik, New York, NY
Elite Force, London, UK
Eric Jag, Los Angeles, Ca.
Everyday, Philly, Pa
Felipe, New York, NY
Foxxy, Charlotte, NC
Friar Tuck, New York, NY
Gindi, Denver, Co
Hypnotoad, New York, NY
Jeff Heart, Philly Pa.
John Dill, New York, NY
June Rodriguez, Philly, Pa
Justin Paul, Los Angeles, Ca.
Karmakanik, Philly PA
Knizzle, Washington, DC
Lee Jones, Philly, Pa
Lee Mayjahs, Philly, Pa
Lina Luv, Philly, Pa
Marko Peli, Washington, DC
Marques Wyatt, Los Angeles, Ca.
Matt Cue, Philly, Pa
Meeshu, Kauai, Hawaii
Michael Nightime, Philly, Pa
Miguel Migs, San Francisco, Ca.
Mr. Black, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Neil Kurlander, Baltimore, Md.
Nickodemus, New York, NY
Orbicles, Philly PA
Pat Bedeau, London, UK
Peter Parker, Philly PA
Psyryn, Philly PA.
Rakshasi Hornpipe, New York, NY
Randy Seidman, Los Angeles, Ca.
Reda Briki, New York, NY
Rich Medina, Philly, Pa
Rob Paine, Philly, Pa
Ross D, Philly, Pa
Sean Thomas, Philly, Pa
Seqoia, Washington, DC
Shakey, New York, NY
Small Change, New York, NY
Smoke, New York, NY
The Architech, Philly, Pa
The Elders, Baltimore, Md
Theta Waves, New York, NY
Thick & Thin, Charlotte, NC
Time Lock (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Vishal Kanwar, Washington, DC
Vitamin Devo, San Francisco, Ca.
Weekend Heroes (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Willyum, Philly, Pa
Zach Moore, San Francisco, Ca.

Buy Tickets Here: http://fla.vor.us/pexsf2012