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Playloop Presents Get Into The Loop Vol.1

 Tattoo Detectives - Playloop Presents Get Into the Loop, Vol. 1

CD Track Listing:

1. Assimilated – Kezner
2. If the Sun Sets – Kezner
3. Deep Submergence – Justin Paul
4. Virtual Voltage (Reconstruktion Mix) – Microstar
5. 500 Degrees – Microstar
6. Red Shift 12″ Mix – Justin Paul
7. There’s a Reason – Justin Paul feat. Sapphirecut
8. Acid Reflux – Nigel Richards
9. il salto fouri (Crazy Mix) – Tattoo Detectives
10. ETC. – Tattoo Detectives
11. Cold Night – DJ Everyday
12. il salto fouri (Kezner USO Remix) – Tattoo Detectives
13. One Foot on the Moon - Locality

Digital Bonus Tracks:
14. Dark Matter (Bonus Track) – Justin Paul
15. Electric Vibes (Bonus Track) -Microstar
16. So Damn Hip Hop (Bonus Track) – Nigel Richards
17. Get Into the Loop Vol. 1 Mixed by Justin Paul (Bonus Mix) – Justin Paul


NOVA DREAM SEQUENCE (King Britt) | Dream #4 | Directed by Justin Paul

Nova Dream Sequence ( King Britt ) Dream #4 | Directed, Edited & Shot by Justin Paul | Shot on a very foggy night in Northern Liberties Philadelphia after several beers at the Standard Tap. We used an old school Sony TRV900 miniDV camera and Final Cut Pro 5 to create this piece in about 24 hours. Motorola placed the video on their first iTunes phone and featured it at Winter Music Conference 2005. 


Ross D takes it back to the classic era with his jazzsoul tinged debut “Musical D-lite”

For fans of: High Contrast, London Elekricity, LTJ Bukem, Peshay

Ross D


NEW YORK – Playloop Records recording artist and Philadelphia transplant Ross D is bringing back that classic UK drum n’ bass sound of the mid-90’s golden age with his debut artist album Musical D-lite. There are no fads here, no bells or whistles and no sub-sub-sub genres to confuse you by. No, this is simply drum n’ bass at it’

s purest and most beautiful. No doubt the thick layers of jazz and soul will take you back in time to that first time when you first heard licks from LTJ Bukem and his classic original Logical Progression compilation.

Comin’ atcha from such a musical place like Philly brings a historical influence. Ross D has always been musically inclined having an extensive music education background in drums, piano, classical guitar, bass and overall theory. However, one thing you can’t teach is soul, and there’s nothing better than the kind of Philly soul Ross D. deftly infuses over the jagged beats.

“Smooth Talker” ignites the blue flame with crisp 4/4 white washes in line with noodling guitars, flutes, organs and a sublime vocal. “Be There” is a builder as the looping drums provide a backdrop for the oncoming key parts and funky mainline. “Here I Am” is in your face with Vegas horns popping right at you and the vocalist making it clear where she’s at, while “Love Child” is perhaps the albums most gorgeous tracks with a flowing powdery synth line. The album builds through “So Fine” and “To The Stars” reaching Ross D’s ode to Philly on “215.” This one is a celebration and a soundtrack to a fireworks display circa 1976. It’s also one of the more interesting arrangements with lots of cool stops and starts. “Wait Ok Go” is not what you call a love song, although it’s quite lovely. It’s an instrumental breakup track and quite a bittersweet tearjerker. “Stay” is the companion to the previous track and it’s more forceful with a driving beat, auto-tuned vocal demands and popping horns. Give the guy one more chance. I Need You” brings the album full circle both musically and thematically. This one might be the grooviest of the lot with a to-die-for piano line.

Musical D-lite is is currently a Beatport Exclusive and will be live on iTunes, DanceTracksDigital, JunoDownloads.com, TrackItDown.net and more from July 25th.


Ross D "Musical D-lite"

Ross D - Musical D-lite

Musical D-lite




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Justin Kleinfeld
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