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Storm coming over Tesuque, New Mexico

View of Los Angeles from Laurel Canyon

Who loves taking pictures? In addition to creating music, producing, and performing as a DJ, photography is also a passion of mine. I’ve been testing out my new Canon 650D/T4i camera around Los Angeles this week. Both of theses photos were captured from the top of Mannix Drive in Laurel Canyon. I used a 75-300mm lens to capture this close up shot of downtown Los Angeles.

Here is a wide view of downtown Los Angeles from Laurel Canyon. The house on the left has an insane view of LA. Californication used this house on several episodes.Both images were processed with the KitCam App on my iPhone.

All images copyright © Justin Paul 2013

The Crystal Method Live with Justin Paul & Lee Mayjahs?

Thievery Corporation Live with DJs Rob Paine, Justin Paul & Lee Mayjahs? 2/28/09 Philly

Justin Paul & Lee Mayjahs? with Deadmau5 & Conspirator 11/21/08

Playloop DJs Justin Paul & Lee Mayjahs? with Deadmau5 & Conspirator 11/21/08

Playloop Press & Posters

Playloop posters and press clippings.

Philly City Paper, Big Shot Magazine, DJ TIMES, OCI Magazine, Slug, Mean Street and URB.

Event posters from: Dave Hughes of Ireland, Deadmau5, Disco Biscuits, King Britt, Natalie Walker and The Model

Playloop @ PEX DECOM

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